Thursday, March 13, 2014

Updates and News

Early last month the National Youth Council met to discuss a wide variety of things on our agenda. A few of those were our future goals, the new comic book, and our local youth council outreach program. All of these things were on the fore front of every members minds when we arrived to the meeting. We were determined as a council to make great strides forward in all of these areas, and to formulate a plan of action for when we left the meeting. I can happily say that we accomplished so much at our meeting and left with an action plan that now we are trying to implement.

Our future goals were something that as a council we wanted to get everyone's input on. Where did we want to be this time next year? When we we're asked that many of us agreed that we needed to form a larger presence on the internet as a council. We want for young people to see and hear about what we are doing. Not only that, but what in general is going on in our lives and some of our struggles. That is where our blog comes into play. Not only can we update everyone on what's going on, but post things relevant to the youth living with epilepsy or dealing with it on some level. Well, we are making great strides in this area because our blog link is now on the national website! You can now stay tuned for weekly posts by a different member of the council. For every member this is a great stride in the right direction!

Next, our task was to work on what we envisioned the new and amazing comic book to contain. We reviewed the work that had been done so far, and all of us were so proud to see an idea formulated a year ago come to life. We planned out how we saw the story going, and mainly just talked about how cool it was! We are excited and hoping to give everyone more of a sneak peek at the walk as to what you can be expecting! Keep your eyes open if you will be attending, and if not stay tuned on the website for the online versions. We will try to post reminders as well!

Finally, we discussed how to connect local youth councils across the boarders. We feel that at whatever level of success your youth council might be at they can help other councils or get help and ideas. If you are struggling as a youth council or do not know where to even start one what better help then a successful youth council's advice. We want to know what makes a youth council successful and the different activities and programs youth councils have going on! Our end goal after reaching out and getting some statistics is to create a place where all affiliates can communicate and get information about other affiliates youth councils. We feel we all can reach the most success when we unite to help each other. Our overarching goal is to spread awareness and help those living with or dealing with epilepsy. It only benefits us if we do it as united as possible!

As you can see we set some high goals, but we are making great strides towards being successful and reaching them! We have so many additional things we look forward to doing in the future, but we want to start with these things and accomplish them first. We are so proud to have a blog where we feel we can really reach people. As an adult, I am so excited for the release date of the comic book! It is so cool and something we can all connect to. Overall, we are just pumped for what the future holds. Stay tuned folks, great things are on the horizon!

Your friend,

Abby Frame