Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Timeout from Finals

The weeks for finals and exams have arrived. Of course, it is a dreaded time of year, and it certainly played a role in the reasoning for why this post was delayed. I have been reading every textbook in site, and the projects seem to appear out of nowhere. As soon as I finish anything, ten more obligations appear, and the stress increases.

I realized about about two seconds into writing this post this week, that writing this post was exactly what I needed to be doing all along. Yes, I committed to writing a post this week for the group, but I truly needed to write this post just to recenter my mind and unwind a bit from the havoc of the week.

All around me are things that I am truly grateful for, and I have been missing out on many of them, since my focus has been down in the books. In no way am I saying that studying is not a worthy cause, but we all need a few small breaks here and there. Study for an hour and then go take a half an hour to do some yoga, talk to friends, catch up with someone, or just breathe. I am wrapping up a ten hour day, so I am going for a quick run the minute I walk in the door.

Take time these next couple of crazy weeks and breathe. It is the holiday season, a time for family, friends, and wonderful memories. Try not to let the exams, projects, and finals keep you down.

Tweets @EpilepsyYC and let us know how you are keeping the stress at bay!

Best wishes!