Sunday, December 29, 2013

In Need of Public Opinion

As the national youth council meeting approaches, I find myself thinking about restructuring/reprioritizing YC projects based on goals. Re-evaluating our mission to have the greatest national (and international) impact is essential in the upcoming year. A communication network between youth councils seems key. I also want to make sure money being spent is being put to its best use. Once again public opinion is considered in depth! So for those of you reading this post, I want to hear your thoughts and ideas! Please comment if anything comes to mind… such as a fundraising idea you’ve toyed with or lack of youth support in your community.

On a festive note, there is nothing quite like the excitement of heading home for the holidays. Struggling through finals week, as horrible as it seemed, reminds me of those youth that never really got the chance to excel academically due to their epilepsy. Of course the number of people in this group is small compared to all people that have epilepsy. Nonetheless, it made me realize that Youth Council is about more than just socially supporting youth with epilepsy… it is about defeating the condition as a whole. And we won’t stop fighting until there is a solution for every issue caused by epilepsy.